Parents have many milestones they experience with their children. When your teenager passes their road test, it can spark a little apprehension. However, there are steps you can take to keep them safe as they are getting started on their driving journey. In this brief overview, adopting some of these common-sense strategies make it a little less nerve-wracking.

Start With The Right Driving Position 

The first step in safe driving is learning how to adopt the correct position behind the wheel. The seat needs to be placed so your teen can reach the gas and brake pedals comfortably without extra reaching. Ideally, when the knees are slightly bent, that can give you an indication of how far the seat should be from the steering wheel. On the other hand, make sure the seat isn't too close to the steering wheel either, as that can become more dangerous in the event of an accident. 

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Provide An Overview Of The Vehicle

Subaru models are uniquely crafted to provide superior ride quality and safety for all drivers. However, it's still imperative to provide your teenager with a guide to the functions of the car, including:

  • Operation of the dashboard controls
  • How to adjust the steering wheel and rearview mirrors
  • Headlights, wipers, emergency lights, warnings on the dashboard 
  •  Explanation of safety features like airbags, rear vision camera, and blind-spot monitoring
  • Seat belt safety

Slowly Move Into More Difficult Driving Situations

Remember, for seasoned drivers, getting behind the wheel every day is second nature. For teenagers, it's a different story. It's always a good idea to start somewhere where they won't feel intimidated, such as an empty parking lot. Starting with basic maneuvers like applying the gas or brake, making turns, and going in reverse can be an excellent way to begin. As they gain more confidence, have your teen start practicing moving the vehicle into parking spaces and practice using the brakes to judge how far in advance they should be stopping.

After your teen has had enough practice with the operation of the vehicle, you can move into lower speed areas with minimal traffic, eventually followed by driving on highways, and then practice night driving and poor weather conditions as well. The idea here is to gradually progress into more challenging driving scenarios when you feel they've mastered the easier ones.

How To Drive Defensively

Driving defensively is a good practice, no matter how old you are, but especially crucial for our new drivers. The good news is that Subaru models have some of the most advanced safety measures available on the market today, but that isn't a substitute for responsible driving. Here are a few good habits to teach your teen driver:

  • Maintain a safe driving distance of two to four seconds between vehicles. Highway driving is now safer than ever because Subaru offers EyeSight Driver-Assist to promote safe habits. It can help a teenage driver feel more comfortable in traffic by monitoring cruise control, staying in the lanes, and pre-collision braking.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum. In 2020, technology has been a blessing for modern convenience, but it can also be the culprit for unsafe driving. Inexperiecing drivers with added distractions from their smartphones are three to four more times likely to be involved in an auto accident. 
  • Show extra caution approaching an intersection. Always show your teen driver how to slow down coming to two way or four-way stops where other motorists have been known to either run a stop sign or red light. 

How Subaru Is Helping Parents Have More Peace Of Mind

Drivers between 16 to 18 years of age are one of the most at-risk groups for auto-related accidents and deaths, according to data from NHTSA. You can't underestimate the importance of a vehicle that has safety for all drivers as their highest priority. Subarus have a ring-shaped reinforcement frame for better protection from impacts along with advanced airbag systems. As mentioned earlier, the Subaru Eyesight helps an "extra pair" of eyes on the road that have been shown to help drivers be even safer. These safety features make Harley Swain Subaru proud to serve the local area. Your family's safety is one of our main priorities. 

Contact Harley Swain Subaru For Your Teenager's First Vehicle

Most parents will at least have a little bit of worry when their child gets behind the wheel for the first time. Luckily, the professionals from Harley Swain Subaru can make it a little easier for you. We have plenty of safe and easy to operate cars and smaller SUVs that would be a good fit for your newest driver. Make an appointment today and come check out our inventory. Our team looks forward to seeing you at our location in Hermiston, OR.