Warning and indicator lights are the crux of the Subaru security system and are some of the most important parts of the vehicle for your security and safety. Keeping them up to date and free of any kind of damage is very important as they can clue you in on when you need to update for your vehicle. Additionally, having these warning and security lights can help you avoid issues with the police who might notice an issue before you do. In this article, we'll go over what the most important warning signals and lights on your Subaru vehicle are and how you can fix whatever issue they are indicating.

ABS Warning Light

The ABS or Anti-Brake-Locking System allows the tires on your car to remain in contact with the road when you are braking. As you can see it is a rather important piece of engineering by stopping your wheels from locking up which can result in uncontrollable skidding. If this warning light comes on while you are driving it means that your anti-brake-locking mechanism is not working. When these lights come on, it is imperative that you pull over immediately.

Access Key

If you have a keyless push to ignition start, then you will need to pay attention to this light. This light sounds a warning chime and means that the steering wheel is not locked. If you get this sign, pull over immediately or do not take the car out to drive. The major way to tell this is happening is if the color for the Access Key light is orange. If it is green but is flashing, this could also mean that there is an issue with the steering wheel locking mechanism. If any of these occurrences happen, be sure to get in contact with your nearest Subaru dealership.

(AWD) All Wheel Drive

This light will begin to flash if tires with different air pump size, different diameters, or if low air pressure is present in one of the tires. If you continue to drive while the All-Wheel-Drive warning sign is on, then you risk damaging the powertrain that includes the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. If any parts of the drivetrain fail, you are less likely to be able to go where you need to be. If you start to see this light flash, immediately pull over and check the tire pressure as well as whether the tires have different diameters.

At Oil Temperature

If this warning light comes on while the engine is running, it means the transmission fluid is too hot. This can result in the transmission from overheating which can lead to a defective engine. If you see this while you are driving, make sure you pull over and call your Subaru dealership. Additionally, if you see this light come on but you have yet to start up the engine, it could mean that the light itself is malfunctioning. This is also very important and you will want to contact your nearest Subaru dealership immediately. A malfunctioning light can also be a warning sign for other issues that you might want a Subaru technician to look at and fix.

Automatic Headlight Beam Leveler

This occurs when the automatic headlight beam leveler is not working properly. This is a timed light and if the light does not turn off three seconds after turning the ignition switch on, then you will want to take your vehicle over to your Subaru technician.

Brake System Warning Light

One of the most important warning lights, driving with this light on can be quite dangerous. This brake system warning light includes warning lights for all of the brake system components including parking brake warning, brake fluid level warning, and the electronic brake force distribution system. If you see any of these warning lights on, flashing, or chiming, then it is important for you to take your vehicle to a Subaru dealership. As one of the most important security systems in the entire vehicle, you will want to be prepared for the possibility of this light coming on. Additionally, if this light comes on at the wrong time, then you will also want to get it checked out at your nearest local Subaru dealership.

As you can see, these warning lights are extremely important. Going to a Subaru dealership, specifically, will give you access to a technician who uses the same manufacturing tools used in a Subaru factory. This is important in being able to diagnose the problem and finding the solution that is right for your vehicle. Additionally, you can check out the Subaru website for more detailed information. If you are seeing some issues in your vehicle regarding these warning lights and you live in the Hermiston area, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

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