When you decide to go for a new car at Harley Swain Subaru in Hermiston, OR, you'll have to dispose of your current vehicle. One option is to sell your vehicle to someone else. Another with the following advantages is selling it to a dealership like ours.

More Convenience

What do you have to do to sell your car to someone else?

·         Pay off the loan. This is the only way you can get the title to transfer to someone else.

·         Make expensive repairs because nobody wants to buy a junker that doesn't run well.

·         Clean thoroughly inside and out so it looks new.

·         Take good interior and exterior to show off the vehicle.

·         Post an online or newspaper ad using the photos while writing descriptive copy.

·         Respond to phone calls, text messages, and/or emails about your car.

·         Schedule test drives for prospective buyers. Many of them won't show up.

·         Haggle for a price and accept payment. Hope that the payment is legitimate.

·         Handle the paperwork including the transfer of title.

·         Hand over the keys.

Compare this to selling a car to us. All you have to do is bring in your vehicle and allow us to inspect it. We'll offer a price. If you accept, you give us the keys. You can then shop and drive off in your new purchase. We take care of everything from paying off your loan and handling the paperwork to making any essential repairs and selling it to someone else.

Which option is more convenient for you.

If It's About the Money

If all you're looking at is the initial cash that you get, you can get the most money by selling your vehicle to someone else. He and she can afford to pay the high Bluebook retail price. We're limited to the whole price because we need to make a profit off the transaction.

But if you're looking at long-term savings, selling to us might net you more, especially if you opt for a trade-in instead of cash. Because we're getting a credit on the purchase of a vehicle, we can offer you more. The loan you then have to finance will be lower, which rewards you with lower monthly installments, lower interest payments, and a lower overall cost over the life of the loan.

For example, assume that you want to buy a $35,000 car at an interest rate of 2.95 percent over a loan period of 48 months:

·         Your monthly payment will run $774 for a total cost of $37,149.

·         If your trade-in is worth $7,000, your monthly installment drops to $619 with a total cost of $29,719. You save a total of $7,430, which is more than the value you get from the trade-in itself.

A Done Deal

When you sell your car to buyers and they walk away satisfied with the deal, you don't expect to hear from them again. That will probably be true with most of the people you encounter who will want nothing more than a fair and honest transaction.

However, it only takes one dishonest person to turn your sale into a nightmare. They may come back to you later and demand their money back because the car, which they've since driven to the ground, did not live up to their expectations. They may even sue you to get their money back.

With us, once we accept your vehicle, it's a done deal. You never have to think about it again. We keep all our dealings upfront and transparent because we want to keep you as a customer and want to sell you your next car. We also have a reputation in the community to keep up. We do everything that we can to ensure that all our customers are satisfied.

Your Next Move

Now that you know the advantages of selling your vehicle, go ahead and contact us at Harley Swain Subaru. Our friendly sales consultants can answer your questions and get started with your trade-in. We'll even invite you down to test drive your dream car. Don't forget to bring your current vehicle with you, including its title and any service records. Buyers will pay more for cars that have been maintained.


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